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  Apex 1-link cable
Posted by: Daveuk - 2 hours ago - Forum: Wanted dead or alive - No Replies

Bit of a long shot but does anyone have a 1-link cable they want to sell?

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  3 x AI Vega with controller
Posted by: Optimuspyne - 4 hours ago - Forum: For Sale or Trade - No Replies

Bought these but decided to keep what I have.

3 lights and controller $600 for all.

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  stocking fish
Posted by: twast - 03-Dec-2019, 05:24 PM - Forum: Newbie Qustions - Replies (3)

Just wondering if this looks like a good list for the tank.

6 foot 125 reef, 40 gallon sump

2 clowns occ
2 bangaii cards
1 bi-color blenny
1 sleeper goby
1 6 line wrasse
1 blue hippo
1 powder brown tang
1 royal gramma
1 wrasse (carpenter or fairy)
1 flame angel
maybe a copperband or blue throat trigger

too much? any compatibility issues? any room for more? any suggestions?

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Posted by: nameless fisher - 02-Dec-2019, 09:48 PM - Forum: Wanted dead or alive - No Replies

Hey looking for some frags for sale in the halifax area.I don't live in the city so please be patient with me when it comes to pick up times. I know I have been in touch with a few of you already so please ignore this post ?. 

Looking for: 

high end/nice zoas
Florida Ricordea 
Mattalic green star polyps
And anything that pops.

PM me please if you have anything available.

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  SPS Problems
Posted by: Greenough - 02-Dec-2019, 04:52 PM - Forum: Newbie Qustions - Replies (10)

So my ATO just got stuck on again and dumped a bunch of Kalk water into the tank. All the Euphillia, Duncans, flower pots, shrooms ect are closed up for the most part.

The SPS and the zoa's are looking better than ever before. The zoa's are noticeably larger than I've ever seen and the SPS polyps are fully extended. I've always had a problem with my SPS polyps not fully extending, some corals I never see them.

I always blamed it on poor flow and a black clown goby that I've seen nipping at the polyps before but when I frag them and move them to the tank downstairs I still don't get polyp extension and the corals I've never seen with polyps now have them out.

PH went from 8.1 to 8.6
Alk went from 7.0 - 8.1
Salinity went from 1.026 to 1.024

What would cause these polyps to finally extend?

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  Anyone running apex cor pumps or Trident locally?
Posted by: Daveuk - 02-Dec-2019, 01:04 PM - Forum: Overflow - Replies (6)

Just in the process of getting ready to order some tank upgrades and looking to get some local feedback if anyone has any experience with the following products.

Cor15/20 pumps
My current mag 9 has been running for 5-6 years now I think, it was my spare but my previous one died after about 5 years so I figure it's time to replace before I get stranded.

I was holding off for vectra's in the hope apex support materialize (I love my mp40s with the wxm) but it seems that not going to happen.

Those that have them how are they holding out, any issues?

I've seen comments regarding having to clean them every 3 months to avoid current draw faults?

How did the flow rate work out for you? I'm thinking a cor15 should be adequate to match the flow rate of my mag 9 any thoughts.

Second thing is the Trident

Been watching this and the reefbot over the last year. I really liked the approach of the reefbot, being able to automate nitrate and phosphate tests would be nice. But reviews online seem to be all over the place, in particular issues with Calcium and Alkalinity test accuracy (though nitrate and phosphate test people don't seem to have issues with). Trident seems to be fairing better plus I'm going to pick up a DOS either way.

Anyone here running one got any feedback?

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Posted by: Brenda - 02-Dec-2019, 12:55 PM - Forum: AFK Reef Supplies - Replies (2)

We are carrying over our sale.

All week long you can enjoy our,

On all live goods, including live rock, and selected hard ware!
(ie...Lights, Food, Power heads, and much much more...)
We have in stock a nice selection of coral colonies and frags.

SAVE an extra 15% off ALL USED GEAR as well!! 
(Tanks, Stands, Sump, LED lights, Controller, Protein skimmer are
some of the used items we have at the store) (no tax on used gear
cash only)

Come see our selection!

Sale will continue to the end of day Saturday November 7th.

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  coral help
Posted by: twast - 01-Dec-2019, 05:49 PM - Forum: Newbie Qustions - Replies (15)

.txt   ATT00001.txt (Size: 23 bytes / Downloads: 7)
.txt   ATT00001.txt (Size: 23 bytes / Downloads: 7) can someone tell me what this frag is and where in the tank it might be happy

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Posted by: REEFER-RICK - 01-Dec-2019, 02:01 PM - Forum: Wanted dead or alive - No Replies

looking for a hang on light for my 2 gallon cube the one that comes with it really sucks let me know what`s out there

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  Hammer Frags
Posted by: diggler93 - 01-Dec-2019, 12:38 PM - Forum: For Sale or Trade - Replies (4)

I’ve fragged 2 more of my large hammer corals.

I have frags of both apricot and electric green.

I have several frags of each.

$25 per head, 2 for $40 and 3 for $60. More you buy cheaper it gets and if you want a frag of each we can cut a deal on pricing.

I do have a 10 head electric green colony which is nice as well.

I also still have a couple of green with blue tip hammer frags from my other posting.

It’s hard to capture the apricots colors on an iPhone. Canada corals were selling a single head for $54.99.

[Image: 5ae2cd4ba26e9cb990365d18d4627672.jpg]

Mother colony of the electric green

[Image: 52f8b3a30b7666b169c548818cb6fe8f.jpg]

Located in Tantallon.

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