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  Salinity tester hanna ?
Posted by: Melita - Yesterday, 09:03 PM - Forum: Newbie Qustions - Replies (5)

I bought a salinity tester tried using it today reading came back very high My Hydrometer says 25.1 or around there but according to this tester it is 30 .1 . wouldn't all my fish be dead ? I tried to calibrate it but not sure i did that right . Rinsed in ro water Dried it of then the solution that came with it made no difference.should i start Adding fresh water to bring salt down now I am not sure everything seems fine
In tank .
Bought a hanna alkalinity colour-meter but no battery came with so have to get one before i try that .
Help !

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  Lost my feather duster. , bubble magus quit .
Posted by: Melita - 08-Jul-2020, 07:32 PM - Forum: Other Equipment - Replies (4)

Found my feather duster stuck to power head today so guess he gone.  After that decided to do water change.  Then my bubble magus quit will I was put out so I pulled the thing out of sump and decided to try fix it myself .now I have no idea how fix stuff had nothing to show me were things go so I got box  With picture as my guide . Took thing apart and discovered a plastic ban from fish bag  stuck inside motor   how it got There  I have no idea . Got it back together only loosening one tiny washer but it worked  so iam a happy camper . Feel bad about my feather duster I really liked it  .

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  220G mixed reef tank, 300G total
Posted by: RiverJohnReefer - 05-Jul-2020, 01:37 PM - Forum: Tank Tours and Tank Builds - Replies (7)

Well, it's been a long process but I'm finally starting my 220 gallon.

I picked up a used Marineland 220G, everything else will be new or reused from my RSR 525XL.

I wasn't happy with the stand that it came with so i had a custom aluminum stand built with plenty of room to upgrade to a bigger tank if needed.

It was actually a bit too long to get downstairs so it was cut in half and then bolted back together with leveling feet.

It's powdercoated, so it should outlast me.

I redid my basement where it's going, so I put a bit of thought into it all.

I now have 16 plugs divided over 2 gfi breakers. Even though I will be running an apex, most equipment doesn't need to be controlled, such as the 4 G4 pros that will be going on it.

I also added a rodi line behind my walls so it's out of the way.

There is also two sch 80 pipes that go upstairs and outside that will be incorporated with my returns so my ph should be stable with constant fresh air mixing with the water.

They will have valves and a shroud outside to protect from debris and the elements.

Here are a few pictures so far.

The stand is rated for about 10 tonnes, so it should be ok! Haha[Image: 499a70633c835251fabc6bac54173050.jpg][Image: 1517bd20a78607c07ffae61632ceda79.jpg][Image: 25bebd85e987f51b56fc5b8eaf26d644.jpg]

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  Mocha clown
Posted by: Wilson - 04-Jul-2020, 05:49 PM - Forum: For Sale or Trade - No Replies

Female mocha clown for sale. Her partner disappeared so looking to sell her and start fresh. Approximately 1 year old fat and healthy.


[Image: d958a25c1ec527d3e4d95303f8e01ba9.jpg]
[Image: d0cfb05ca26cbe8cd4f209648ed7ea05.jpg]

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  Frag Garage
Posted by: Greenough - 03-Jul-2020, 01:39 PM - Forum: Group Orders - Replies (2)

Anyone ever order from this site? Just randomly found it today looking for some frags. Think its just one guy selling out of his garage. Just wondering what the quality of corals and shipping rates were like?

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  pink tail
Posted by: twast - 03-Jul-2020, 05:21 AM - Forum: Fish & Invertebrates - Replies (1)

Just noticed 1 fish has a pink tail trigger thinking about adding him to my reef but worried about my cuc and cleaner shrimp.Anyone have experience with pink tails in a reef from what i read they are with caution for reefs. just wondering if anyone has had success in a reef.

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  Ro Water
Posted by: Ecowatens - 30-Jun-2020, 07:02 PM - Forum: For Sale or Trade - No Replies

Rodi Water Direct from Ecowater NS  Highest quality Guaranteed  Passes thru 1 cubic foot of DI Resin
 with TDS @ 0 ppm
0.75 Per Gallon 

Up to 100 gallons with 2 days notice 



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  Micmol LED
Posted by: Flyguy - 30-Jun-2020, 02:21 PM - Forum: For Sale or Trade - No Replies

I have a 48”-60” MicMol led light for sale. 96 watt. Not much use on it, a few months. Works great, programmable. $175. Located in Valley NS. Sorry can’t ship.

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  Free corals
Posted by: Boschs - 28-Jun-2020, 08:08 PM - Forum: For Sale or Trade - No Replies

I have a medium size piece of liverock covered in polyps and and medium to large Kenya tree I am looking to rehome. Not looking for anything. But I wouldn't say no to some smaller frags for my 10g nano.

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  Got the 560 Back!
Posted by: Cabinetman - 28-Jun-2020, 06:27 PM - Forum: Tank Tours and Tank Builds - Replies (19)

Ended up making a deal with aquarica to get this bad boy back. All cleaned up and buffed out. I regretted selling this right from day 1 and I’m so thrilled to get it back. This time it’ll be set up where I can enjoy it. [Image: 3735df89ce8ba125cbf755871f497229.jpg]

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