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angles - twast - 11-Dec-2019

wondering if anyone has had success keeping 2 dwarf angles together.  I am set on getting the flame, i would like either a coral beauty or bi-color or maybe even a flame back as well just not sure on mixing them. tank is a 125 mixed reef with 40 sump

RE: angles - Flyguy - 11-Dec-2019

Be careful adding 2 dwarf angels together. A Flame and a Coral beauty or bi-color will not do well in my experience. I have a coral beauty now in my 120 and wanted to add a Flame but don't want to risk it.

RE: angles - nsfishguy - 11-Dec-2019

I have heard it has been done, but it is definitely a risk!

RE: angles - Greenough - 11-Dec-2019

Get them both young and add them at the same time.

RE: angles - GreenerA - 15-Dec-2019

I have done it before. It depends on territory. I have had a coral beauty and a flame in a 220 with no issues. I currently have a coral beauty in my 265 and plan on adding a flame. There is always a risk though.

RE: angles - DavidLong - 16-Dec-2019

Add at the same time with one more fish and should reduce the risk of fighting.