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Reefer 250
It’s a fancy one lol
(18-Feb-2018, 11:23 PM)Greenough Wrote: Sell me the gold torch and the hammer next time you're down.

Pretty easy to get a hold of if you want a gold torch. The gold hammer a bit harder, though I did have 3 frags that I sold at the frag fest.
(19-Feb-2018, 10:46 AM)diggler93 Wrote: looks awesome.

Thanks, hopefully your frags are still making out well.
(19-Feb-2018, 12:07 PM)kman_2smooth Wrote: What are you using for a camera?

Nikon 5300
Tank looks awesome.
Dropped some stuff which then got caught by a wave from my power heads, and now I have some accidental frags I didn’t want to make tonight! Hooray? Phone pics and the accidents are mostly the front frags lol.

[Image: bd095bf460767ecd60c5ae0d857a6ebc.jpg]

[Image: 5978de1424fea15ccfdb0ad64c9a6e69.jpg]
Man those look good TJ.
Sorry to hear you dropped the stuff and made some accidentally frags but great for everyone they look awesome

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Several posts I've mentioned the tin contamination and with each replacement of what I thought was the root cause, I would do a triton test to confirm, and the tin continued climbing after several months. I thought it was my light bracket because things seemed to improve slightly after using some metal binders, but the next triton test confirmed it wasn't the issue. I have frags of pink lemonade I could also use as "a canary in the coal mine," as they immediately started STN when put in the reefer from my frag system.

Around Christmas time, I replaced the final piece of cheap equipment that still remained and in all honesty, my last shot at what it could be, which was my return pump. Upon taking it out, I couldn't actually even open up the pump as the "stainless" screws were more than likely rusted shut. A couple weeks later and after using the metal binders after the replacement, there was some improvement in colors, but I had seen that before. So I waited until early March to send a triton test, a finally I have a 0 reading on tin (an actual first for me since I never even did a triton test before I absolutely had to).

[Image: fHa6Fbrh.png]

I've had another frag of pink lemonade back in the tank for over a month at this point with no color loss, another small victory. So knock on wood, I hope all this crap is over lol. It's relatively sad when your frag tank looks better and grows corals better than your display.

Full tank shot and a few others!

[Image: c3CwqRTh.png]

[Image: 6uvxMULh.png]

[Image: 17n9Maah.png]

[Image: Lki1tHrh.png]

[Image: N8VZJ6mh.png]

[Image: xd5RTdLh.png]
your tank looks amazing

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