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Reefer 250
(04-Sep-2018, 07:21 PM)MarineGP Wrote: Amazing !!! But do you have a source for berghia?

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Not yet, no. Hopefully Norm at Salty Cave will be able to get me some soon as they’re pretty difficult to get hold of and then the breeding isn’t too bad (from what I’ve read) so I can always have some on hand in case they’re ever needed.

I set up two aiptasia tanks, small 2.5 gallons that fit on my bookshelf so I’m currently just pissing them off to multiply so I have a really good supply of them.
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Interesting ... Please keep the forum informed. Would be great to have a supply locally.

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Doing some rescaping of the tank. I realized I don't really have any more room to add any acros as I like to keep about 4-5 inches between plugs so they have enough room to comfortably grow into a nice little colony. Because of that, I'll actually have to add a bit more rock to the tank to actually get any more corals into it, so I'll be trying to move things around every so often over the next couple weeks to try and create a little more optimized layout so I can get some more space to add some stuff.

[Image: iTXzChNl.jpg]

[Image: 6153bojl.jpg]

And a couple shots of when I got a frag versus how it grew out and looks like now.

[Image: 1yGjVZMl.jpg]

[Image: HNLx0uFl.jpg]


A lot of this died off during shipping, saved what I could and this was after the piece left over had healed

[Image: opfGOtll.jpg]

[Image: 7llNGCol.png]

Believe it or not, the first shot was late and was AFTER some growth

[Image: d6exXz1l.jpg]

[Image: YvHTPaRl.png]


Don't think I ever took a photo when I got this, but it was much smaller than this frag I made for a buddy of mine.

[Image: Mt1MqAtl.png]

[Image: wpMB9zLl.png]
Beautiful looking coral tj. I wish I had better success with sps
As always, your tank looks stunning
Your tank looks great TJ, hoping i can get some nice colours down the road with our tank.
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(20-Sep-2018, 08:46 AM)Mt4d_1 Wrote: Your tank looks great TJ, hoping i can get some nice colours down the road with our tank.

You’re getting a fresh start, so just don’t put any metal rings in your tank unless you know what’s in them I’ve done a lot of dumb things to my tank and metal was the only thing that really killed anything. Now I’m much pickier even with the equipment I put in. Ceramic shafts or titanium now, no stainless if I can help it. That’s really the reason I went with Tunze pumps.

If you go the sps route, I’ll send you a nice colourful chunky pack super cheap! I’m always dropping my magnet cleaner making frags
Did a water change, made a few pics. Removed the sand a bit ago, was just getting way too dirty for me since I never really had a sand sifter and the one time I tried a goby it slowly starved. Sad

[Image: E8ixKVzl.png]

[Image: pdKobMul.png]

[Image: sx6gDUvl.png]

[Image: 4SawEvPl.png]

[Image: swyGrRXl.png]
So jealous, what's the bright green one called?
(23-Oct-2018, 01:03 PM)Greenough Wrote: So jealous, what's the bright green one called?

Brightest thing in there is the yellow slimer, like an old highlighter color.

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