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The whole purpose of this site is to bring us together in the hobby to share our experiences and knowledge, point new hobbyists in the right direction, as well as sharing information about the best places to buy products, deals to be had, etc. That includes involving and supporting our local stores, which  is key to bringing in new people to the hobby. Some may argue this, but it is a factor to everyone's success. 

The Forum wants and needs them to be part of this forum, and rightfully so, they should have a presence on here to share new inventory, sales, tricks, tips, etc.

It is apparent, due to recent events on this forum, that the moderating staff need to make a statement with regard to etiquette and posting.

Over the past couple months, we have been witness to some pretty touchy subjects in the way of pricing, competition between stores, and subsequent bashing in various threads on this forum. While we do stand behind our belief that everyone is entitled to, and welcome to their opinion, there are particular guidelines that must be followed.

The Forum wants this to be a respectful place to share. None of the moderating staff want to edit, remove, give warnings, or at the extreme ever have to start reviewing users posts before they go up. 

It's easy to quickly respond to something you may not agree with, without taking the time to first think about what you are going to say, and the consequences to our posts. Because of this, we had for a short period, lost the support of one of our valued vendors. 

This has to stop NOW before things go too far. 

We have witnessed the results of what can happen from past experiences on other forums (local and non-local). We can all agree, both the members of this forum and the staff that run it, that we might not exactly agree on everything that our local stores do. This includes the prices they charge, and/or how they service their customers. That being said, please take some time to reflect on what you are going to post, before you post it. Some comments have damaging effects, not only to this site, but to the hobby as a whole. 

As a customer, you will have a bad experience at some point or another. As a user of this forum, you will most likely have a beef with another user now and then. If this happens, send them a private message. Let them have a chance to respond to your concern before posting something negative in a PUBLIC thread for all to see. When you are sitting behind a keyboard, it is easy to read things in a different context than would be taken in a verbal conversation. Not everything may be intended to be negative, but can come across negatively if read in the wrong context. If you do not get the results or answers you want, then we suggest ignoring that user or purchasing somewhere else. This will be the best way to show your discontent. 

Bashing stores and name calling is not going to take this hobby in a positive direction and is going to drive users and vendors away (as we are currently seeing). 

We all need to act like respectful adults and consider our actions, and other user's feelings. It's far better in the long run for all of us to diffuse a situation when we see it, rather than making a comment to escalate it. 

There will always be competition between businesses, and there will always be different pricing between stores. Not all stores can compete for prices on all items, so you have to pick and choose between where you buy certain products and brands. If you are unhappy with a price in a store, go in and visit them. Look at the item and see if you are happy with the brand, quality, health, size, etc. If so, and you find the price too high, ask the staff if that's the best they can do on the price. Unlike all large box stores, smaller stores have more flexibility on what they can offer in the way of a discount. If you don't ask, you won't know if that's their best price. Stores don't carry items unless there is a demand for it, so if nobody ever asks for it, chances are they will never stock it.

Now, it is not the intent to just point fingers at the users of the site, as there has been some friction between the local stores themselves. Not only on this site, but outside of the forum as well. If the local stores feel the need to aggressively compete against one another, that is perfectly fine and they can battle away behind the scenes. However, each of those stores is welcome to use this site to advertise their goods, post new arrivals, sales, promotions, etc. We NEED them to do this and we want all of them to be actively involved on this site. Take their offerings as they are, and if you have questions of concerns, ask them. Just like us when we hear something good, or get something new, local stores get excited too. Bashing them, or breaking them down over an advertised deal is not going to invite them to post, or offer us the next one.

There are great things going on in this hobby lately, new stores opening, other stores with announcements of expanding, etc. Let's not ruin a good thing before it can blossom into something great!
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