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My in wall mixed reef 48” x 30” x 28”
I am upgrading my 93gallon cube and due to space constraints am limited to 4ft so decided to go Custom. Shopped around and had really good interaction with several vendors but ended up purchasing at Concept Aquariums.
Updated with a drain line.

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They make great tanks, I’m sure you’ll be happy with it! Congrats man

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Congrats David. You’ll love those dimensions. Can’t wait to see it come together
Very nice! Great dimensons will make a nice tank.
Going to be amazing !!

Can’t wait until it gets here!
Congrats David now more pics of a new build wtg
Well it has been a while, partly because of the person I was dealing with quit and my tank got caught missed in the departure and partly because I didn't want it delivered in the summer.
Should ship this week. Still have to get the Reno done but hopefully soon.
[Image: b0e036a1bec594274b78695ba5980c5d.jpg]
[Image: 0319192a6a4f345fd9d95b3ffc86ef3b.jpg]
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looks great David well worth the wait
Can’t wait David!
How will your livestock cope with all that space ?

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