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My 93 Gallon Cube Reef
I am relatively new to the Group/Hobby, had a Biocube for 2 years and finally upgraded.
Transferred half the live rock to from my cube to get it started and a bit of live rock that came with the tank. I managed to wait a month before putting in any livestock.
30 Gallon sump with a massive Reef Octopus Skimmer in it
Wayne, thanks for the Clarki's and the anemone they are doing great. 



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  • CDWakefield, ˙√˙
Tank looks great David! Glad you are enjoying the clowns. They are pretty cool. If you watch careful they actually feed their anenome
Yeah, pretty cool, I've seen them feed the anenome a few times now. I saw your upgrading, I might have to get a few corals from you.
Awesome job! The sand and aquascaping look great. Glad you are enjoying the tank.
Looking good!
Dave, really appreciate all the help getting it set up. Definitely loving the tank. I was initially a little intimidated by the sump but it is an easy set up. Might put a couple baffles in and try to put a refugium in but it is pretty tight with that Reef Octupus in there. Works great once you get it started.
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  • DougS
I think a fuge would be great. You could fit a nice light in the stand and have cheato and whatever else in the sump. But that skimmer takes up all the space eh, if you go with the E3 instead that would take care of the space issue. But the Reef Octopus will do a way better job. I was gonna ask you if your using the reactor with the matrix? That will also take up sump space!
That skimmer used to be mine and it's been working like that forever. It's a whopper that's for sure!
Yeah I'd hate to take it out and use something else, once it gets started the thing works great. Only thing is my wife complains of the noise when she is trying to do Yoga in the basement. She'll survive.
Yes the skimmer takes up so much room in the sump. The reactor is running and is working good. Haven't had any Nitrate/Phosphates.
Supper impressed
It be worth buying a new pump sometime. It would likely quiet it down quite a bit.

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