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ARRG Random Reefing Pics
We all have that pic of something reef related that we want to share but don’t want to start a thread just to share so if you have such a pic share it in this thread. Share as much as you want. We all love pics!!!
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I’ll start it out. This is one of my favorite pics I’ve ever taken of my fish. This was my sohal before it turned mean and I had to take it out. [Image: 26bd2c5846aa499d0433ccb3ba76cafc.jpg]

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nice pic Wayne
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[Image: a09bc5b12accd460ba65ed20e8a3412e.jpg]

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Nice pic and bunch of fish Ryan. Your Atlantic blue is maturing nice. They are real stunners with adult blue colour.
Wayne -

He actually looks pissed off!
Yeah....pissed off I'm not feeding him lol
The low maintenance Nuvo 20 I'm working on. Tank has yet to see a test kit. Filter floss and 5g water change once every week or two.

[Image: 6jn1g7.jpg]
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[Image: df78093732d21409e36b53f23841382b.jpg]

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Videos maybe? How would we do that?
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