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First Attempt at Anything Saltwater! Nano Tank
I've had this 12G Fluval Edge for a little over a year (freshwater) . In that time i got a 75G tank which I also did freshwater in. Since i did that the Edge got a little forgotten in the corner. 

So I decided to tear it down, move the fish to the 75G and turn it into a nano reef. It's only been set up for about 3 months, and live stock has only been in it about 1 month. Got my proper light in it a couple days ago and have added the first couple corals. 

I'm excited to see what it turns into, and if it wasn't for living in a smallish apartment It would probably lead to a much bigger tank far to quickly...  Big Grin

Stocking is one Black Ice Clown, one skunk shrimp, an xenia, small zoanthaid colony, hammer coral, brain coral, and i honestly dont remember what the small on on the left hand side of the sand bed it...

[Image: ?ui=2&ik=f1033e4c9c&view=att&th=158ffeae...sp=safe&zw][Image: ?ui=2&ik=f1033e4c9c&view=att&th=158ffeae...sp=safe&zw]

P.S I hae no idea how to rotate the images on this so sorry in advance. Smile
Congratulations, images didn't come through, try Tap Talk seems to work better for images.
Sounds like a good set up.
[Image: 5350b686bd3c2e3d48f45b2d43309df8.jpg][Image: 76d3e4d507427a6a089e81cf76c2060e.jpg][Image: 026b700beb64b1b86acd7e2157bd52bd.jpg]

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Welcome to the site. Tank looks great! Nice and clean. See you got onto to tapatalk. It's the slickest way to upload pics as mentioned.
[Image: a7b207eec03482dfa41245b10eaeac3b.jpg][Image: 91b3dc32fe8c3e390e97128cf8b04a58.jpg]

So after letting the corals settle in for a couple days. I've noticed my brain coral not doing to well on one side. Also seems like some aptasia may have hitched a ride with it. Any thoughts anyone?

Parameters at time of posting:
Kh=10.6 (seems low? )
Mg= 1420
Ca= 450

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Those are nice nano tanks, looks great. I had one for a while with a couple clowns. Curious what type of lighting are you using now?
Have you tested Nitrates and Phosphates?
Could need more lighting. I had CFL in my Biocube and could only manage to keep zoas and euplia.
It might need to go closer to the light, be careful it does fall down though
The lights were special ordered for the fluval edge from ebi LED. It's a 36w 5 channel led. I've been super happy with it so far.
Nitrates are less than 2 and I haven't tested phosphates yet but I will definatly do as soon as I can. I'm hoping I can save him as I really like his colours.

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[Image: e23d7d915ede2857ecc71ec566394824.jpg]

So I came home tonight and noticed this?
[Image: 8a1d105e9f69b02eb9932d1a6d8cf060.jpg]
Added this fella in this morning and maybe bumped the power head?

Could that cause just one of the two heads to shrink up so much?

Any advice?

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The sps frag looks like it isn't doing well. Might have RTN.

The hammer might just be eating something or closing up for the night if the lights are powering down.

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