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UV sterilizer
I found a Uv 36w Jebo sterilizer for a good price. Been thinking about buying one. Any good or bad things on using them. Says 150 to 350g. Anyone have any info on these..
What are you looking to solve with it? They do overall benefit the tank in the form of fish health but also kill good bacteria and pod counts too.
I only hear that it's good to have if u can get one.. I know it kills off the bad stuff and clears up water better so this reason I'd like to have it. Didnt know much of the bad side.. thanks for the info..
Good for fish. not so great for corals typically.
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Thank u. Good to know
Post from the past.. Lol.. i bought a coralife turbo twist 6x 18w good for upto 250g. Bought on amazon. I did take 3 week for me to see the difference. I noticed a huge improvement looking from the end of the tank as i could see the tank and it didnt look foggy. I noticed the glass wasnt that dirty and noticed hair algae has been eliminated and corals and fish seem to be doing very good. I would definitely recommend getting one.
I use a Coralife UV sterilizer on my little 30 gallon, Made a big difference in water clarity for me. Definitely a solid purchase.
Yes. I been running mine for 2 3 months. So far it has been a very good purchase

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