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Nem wars
So it’s come to my attention that rick isn’t happy that josh got my nems. Guess what rick, it cost me a small fortune to maintain my tank and if I can get something out of the coral that grows I’m dam well going to do it. I had been trying to sell those nems for quite a while and because I’m so far out I didn’t have much luck so I made that post about giving them away which I hated to do tbh. I’ve given tons of stuff away to lots of people but I’m not a charity case sorry. This hobby isn’t cheap to be in and if I can recover a bit of the cost I’m going to most of the time. Josh was the only one to offer me anything at all for them and quite frankly I’m more than happy with what I got and told josh to sell some if he wants. He didn’t get them for free after all. So rick I’m going to suggest that you stop sending  messages to josh shitting on him about those nems. If you want to give your stuff away go for it but don’t expect everyone to do the same.
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Didn't you just tell me to stop being so aggressive? Big Grin

Anyways Rick gets 90% of the free stuff and good deals that come on the site, almost like hes sitting there clicking refresh waiting for them so he really can't be mad that someone else got something for a change.

At least this way Josh can probably sell a few to people who come to his store and don't know about these forums, he'll probably sell them for a lot cheaper than what the other stores want for them as well.

Spread the love.
Thanks Wayne.

None of the anemones I got are going to the shop.
None of them were free...

There for I don't see myself giving them away
I will not tolerate people sending harassing pms on here. From here on out if I find out that anyone is sending harassing private messages they will loose the privilege to use that system. Like jeez come on.
Ya I only sold mine away for $10 a piece which is a great steal. Normally I would ask at least $25-$30 an rbta. At the store you are looking at least $60 each.
Not many $$$ in RBTAs these days.Better things to get angry about. "Hard to kill" and split all the time.

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I'd be pretty impressed if someone managed to have one of these die in their tank.
Thanks Jason. So far so good. Stayed in the same spot I put him..
Think he might be faster to the draw than you recently, need to step up your game.
I mean this thread was dead up until you posted in it rick.....

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