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well my buddy is back from France so picking up my stand tomorrow,rocks and crushed coral going in for now just would like to know how much of a spike would I have when I put the sand on top of the crushed coral 2 or 3 days,live mud going in the sump plus live rock 90g  when all said and done any thoughts tons of time on my hands .this may have come out wrong crushed coral and rocks going in tomorrow sand and mud going in 2 weeks after
well what I want to do if possible is get a good action in the crushed coral then put the sand and mud in thinking that I might just skip another cycle and sand will stay clean
or am I beating a dead horse
Not sure if I’d mix sand and crushed coral. Over time, the sand will settle to the bottom and the larger substrate (crushed coral) will rise to the surface. Cleaning will be a pain.

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