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I got the itch to build a big tank
If anyone on here is dreaming of a monster tank get hold of me. It be fun to build one 120”x40”x 28” utilizing 2 sheets of 120x80x1 acrylic perfectly. It’s been a while since I’ve built one and it would be fun to put one together
What would it cost out ?

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to be honest John Im just fishing for a full build which would depend on to many variables to just chuck out a number.
I’m not looking at setting up a whole bunch of these I’m looking at maybe doing one or two a year for someone who is not worried about money and just wants a real nice tank set up in their house for them to view when they get home from work
It would be nice to combine my cabinet skills to a tank build. [Image: 16ce2d416d825b6912ce268c19faa5f3.jpg][Image: 76f4e135fd65e6844a52f8fa12ec7d2a.jpg][Image: 0984e4e68fab0b1eca7e9d0054a51519.jpg][Image: a2caa32a41654698ae487aa798c0fde0.jpg]

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[Image: d69d6d406edac8a200259d078946ab5d.jpg]

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Impressive and spectacular work Mr cabinetSmile

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Nice work on the kitchens Wayne! Have you thought about contacting some local fish stores or any one who does tank maintenance to offer your services? They might have some clients that are looking! Just a thought.
I’m not looking to go full bore into this. Maybe a few big setups like mine. It got me thinking too that a tank my size would make some trout tank. I don’t think the clients I’m after are going to be going to pet stores to be honest.
neat idea, you mentioned that you do the whole setup dooes that include all equipment, in which case you must have a ballpark number for how much you would like to charge for the whol shebang?

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