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Heater {REMOVE}
my heater is on the frizz won`t go higher the 72  time for a new one tomorrow  hope my livestock makes it by then Eheim Jager - Heater not even 6 months old yet  better get a good one
Hi Rick did you try to recalibrate it? I know there are not good as they use to. I used a heat controller with them now.

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I have a Jager that I set to 67. Have four different amazon temp probes that say the tank is anywhere from 74.3 to 78.6.

Unless you have something calibrated you'll never really know what the temp is in your tank.

If you crank your heat up to 23-24 degrees that plus the heat from pumps/ect should keep it good until you get a new one. Think 24c is something like 75f.
I have two in my tank at all times. They are set to two turn on at different temps. Apex only turns on the second one when the temp dips too low. That way I can see when there is an issue or if my water change water isn’t up to temp it will bring it up quick.

If you are in a bind let me know.

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Got my new heater from Aquarica Tropical Fish and Supplies things are looking up now Thanks Paul and Josh

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