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RO buddy for sale
Hi there. Got an Aquatic life RO 4 stage filter for sale. I am on a well and it’s just not quite producing the water quality needed. If you live in Halifax on city water it will be ideal. Paid 150$ for it. Asking 80$ . I only made 50 gallons total so filters are like new.
Here is a link to the unit
This is a good deal for anyone looking for an affordable RO system.

Curious as to the problems you may be having. With the proper filters, this system should give you excellent water quality.

I’m on a dug well and I get outstanding water quality from my RO unit.

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I’m on a 168 foot drilled well. I’m thinking there must be metals or something the unit is not removing ?
Do you have a booster pump on it? The specs have a recommended water pressure of 60psi. Is your well pump and pressure tank producing that continuously?

The unit I have has a built-in booster pump. If I had this unit, firs thing I would do would be add a booster pump.
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