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The big move!
Hoping to have everyone show up between 10 and 11 Smile
Sorry dude I've gotta be in moncton for 9 tomorrow morning. Won't be able to help

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Ok Sad. I'm sure hoping enough show up tomorow. I plan on draining my 350 tonight is why... who plans on coming for sure?
i'll be there Wayne
Tank is empty and ready to move! Never again!
Post lots of pics Wayne!

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I just wanna extend a big thanks to all who showed up to help on saturday! The morning was cold but we got it done. First we had to carry out my old 350 with its stand and canopy then we had to move in my 560's stand and canopy and the the tank... oh the tank... not taking into acount that this thing couldn't be turned once in I failed to concider which end had to go in first, cause the tank has a front and back. Well
I had a 50/50 chance and as it went we got this thing tonthe bottom of the stairs and realized it was backwards. Crap! So the amazing bunch didn't complain a bit but spring into action and we pushed the tank back up the stairs and turned it around so it was pointing the right way. So... now I know it can come out anyway lol. All joking aside this was a monster undertaking and I'm greatfull for each persons effort to come and help. Thanks again!
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