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Renewal is up.
Hey guys I got an email letting me know the renewal is up for the site. They didn’t invoice me yet but if memory serves me right it’s about $175 or so. I’m hoping the membership can chip in to cover this. When I get the invoice I will post more on this. Looks like the site is still pretty active.
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I'll chip in for sure. Are you able to get the invoice redirected so you don't have to worry about that next renewal?
yes, for sure. Let us know. I will be glad to kick in on it.
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My email is for those able to contribute a bit. I will post on this thread what’s been given as it is given along with the persons name unless otherwise instructed.

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David Barnes $20
Douglas Spurrell $50
Daniel Blinn $20
David long $25
Tom Dobin $20
Dennis Bissonette$20
John Stevens $25
I’ll just keep updating the thread as donations come.
I paid the last $8 myself. Everyone that contributed deserves a big thank you. For those that missed the opportunity there’s next time. Happy reefing everyone!
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Thank you Wayne for working with us. Happy reefing

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