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Rubbermaid Sumps
Rather than use a large aquarium or build an acrylic sump I used some rubbermaid bins. I cut holes in them and used oversized ball valves from princess auto to connect them all. On the inside i have couplings with o rings (similar to a bulkhead). Cheap way to make a modular sump that you can take out and clean in pieces.[Image: 807c4abd7ea79ab05376fe8ccb24d286.jpg][Image: 0e67305e43324a3db5c749cd9f150ff9.jpg][Image: 57cfb05cf754ec506a8d9aac7a7a762a.jpg][Image: 997b4e67b08cdd5d2195b597d0b207ec.jpg][Image: 8d3c8d353bed4c2dd324523780f11f7a.jpg]

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Nice idea .....
Very smart and cost efficent

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I use a small tote just for the skimmer. I have it sitting higher then thr sump and just gravity feeds into first chamber of sump

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