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My office Pico
We were in florida last month and stopped into WWC for a visit. My wife absolutly loved thier pico tank at the checkout and said she wanted one. So instead of getting her one, I bought one and set it up on my desk at work Told her I would set up another "for her" for Christmas.

it's a 2.5G marine land contour AIO, that's been up for about 3 weeks now, just added the corals a few days ago and thought I'd share with you guys. Its lit with a Kessil A80. Still have a couple more softies I want to add, but cant wait until everything grows out![Image: f14847ec167a174f394fb90c079e326e.jpg][Image: dfa9535a7ec921bc3db9da1d731d96b2.jpg][Image: 13752e54a2218affa2bfdb8bfd986e05.jpg]

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will look good when it grows out nice tank

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