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How'd everyone make out??
How'd you all make out thru the blizzard?
Lost power 3 times . Had the generator running all he fish are happy ha

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Well me I didn't fair to well lost power lost fish time to look into a small generator
I got a small generator but my plan is to use an extension cord plugged into my truck with one of those cigarette lighter inverters. I bought a big marine battery for my truck. Basically a deep cycle battery. I can leave my headlights on forever and it don't go dead. Also I use it for my trolling motor when fishing. That sucker will push my boat around all day and still start my truck so a few small pumps ain't going to hurt it. But so far I haven't had to use anything
No power lost for me. Even got a waterchange done on both tanks.

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How did you hook the extra battery into your truck Wayne? Or did it replace the original one under the hood!

No problems here, didn't lose power once, not even a flicker. I was impressed with NS Power.
Battery went bad in my truck and I had the marine battery kicking around. You know the rest of the story lol
Never lost power here. Very happy. I was really nervous about it though, I've been planning on getting the Ecotech battery backup but just never did. I have an inverter that i can hook up to the car battery in a jam but I think now i better get the back up.
Power flickered here in greenwood a little. Have a generator just in case. Would hate to lose any of the tanks I have
Had a couple flickers but no loss.

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