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Trout feeding video
Hey guys thought I’d share a video of feeding some trout I’ve been keeping in a pool of all things lol. 12’ pool that holds about 2500 gallons. I’ve had these trout all summer and they are getting big fast. 12-16” 
And there is salt in the water lol. I keep it at a low level to keep Ick or anything like that under control. No plans to eat them either lol.
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What no fish fry! That video was just a tease then. They look great.

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They look delicious! Cool Wayne! What is the plan for the winter?
I’ve got a wood boiler I had to heat my pool I may use it to keep it all warm. I’ve got tons of scrap wood I can burn for free too.
Sweet! Can't wait for the the BBQ dinner!!!!!

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