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So What's Everyone Been Up To?
I was invited to someones home recently and low and behold in the living room was a softie and LPS bowfront.  Naturally I gravitated towards it and started looking it over and well it has gotten me thinking, maybe just a little one.  lol  Anyway just doing a few years of back reading to see whats been going on locally and trolling the classifieds.  There will never be another 300gallon SPS system in my house, but maybe a nice little 90 or 120.  Who knows.
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  • Daveuk
I knew you’d be back lol. I sold my 560 in the spring and I’m thinking the same size for my new set up as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
Hi Sheldon, sorry for getting you hooked again Wink
Haha, no worries. I think I have a spot picked out for a 75 or 90 gallon. I have been out of the loop for the past 6 years so I need to get up to speed on some gear and lighting. I am sure it will take a few months to figure out the right system. The pic in the forum banner is my old 110 gallon set up from 10 years ago. I want to go smaller this time and keep it simple. Kind of a less is more philosophy.
Well hopefully you find something you like. Always nice to have some addition reefers keeping SPS.
I have to say if you can find a tank you like, Dave at Concepts Aquarium did a great job on mine. Shipping was only $300 to the door from Calgary.
Good luck and can’t wait to see what you decide on.

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Always good to have another SPS keeper around!
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  • DavidLong
I'm staying away from the sticks until my tank is more established. Tanks been up for about 6 months now. Just lost and softies. 265 gal deep dimensions build. Just finishing the stand and canopy now. Taking my time, being patient and doing it right this time. Hahaha
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  • Sheldon
Hey Sheldon, Long time!

Let me know when you are all set up, ill have some frags for you.

Some stuff has changed but the basics are all still the same. Simple is still better in most cases. CalRX is still the top choice for sps dominant, but dosing has come a long way. Feel free to pop out if you are out my way.
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