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Walt Disney
Hello Everyone.  I was in Halifax yesterday and visited AFK and Aquarica.  Talking with Ryan about the Walt Disney.  I didn't get your contact, but if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I post a lot on there, so please follow and for the rest of you also, to know what we are doing, what we are bringing in, etc, etc.  

So today's pic of the day is my Walt Disney Acropora that I've been growing for a little while.

I post on the arrg facebook page also.  So if you have any questions about the hobby, as before, I'm always there to help local hobbiest trying to give the best information for your little ocean.

Again, please follow us on social media, we are making lots and lots of changes this year and more in 2020!!
Here's the pic of the famous walt disney for those interested! Downloaded it off the FB page! When will frags be rdy? Price?

[Image: AjN5nOD.jpg]

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