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60 gallon cube build.
Tried to come up with a design for the sump today as I have a little over 20 inches by 20 inches in  the bottom of this stand ....

Again not sure If I'm getting someone to custom make it or just buying glass....

I 'll have to double check common skimmer sizes and return pump sizes just to make sure I've left enough area.

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Looks good, you might be able to make a bit more room if you move the ATO above the sump if there is room.
If you have the extra room a sponge filter and filter floss before going to the return is nice. Similar to this.

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Got a light for the time being from amazon .. and built a bracket for it toggle bolted into the wall that operates on a hinge for cleanings and maintenance. [Image: c02a27541b0c1a2b7ca117e1561c8bf7.jpg]

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