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Nano/ Pico Tank Questions
Hi All,

I am thinking about getting back into the hobby after taking several years off. I have had larger tanks and a few nano tanks in the past but it has been around 6-7 years since I have had anything and now that my kids are grown up a bit I think they may enjoy having a tank around to help me with and to learn from.

I am enjoying doing the research on what equipment is good and what are some of the new products on the market but what I am most unsure of is where I should be buying all my stuff from. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on the marketplace, both here and Facebook, but where locally should I check out, or online if that is where everyone is buying from now.

Basically, I am in the market for a complete set up, where should I go to start pricing everything out?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.
If you plan on doing a whole setup i'd go to reefsupplies. You'll end up saving a lot plus there's much more selection/newer products.

Local stores are good if you're in a bind and need something quick like a heater, salt or test kits but all are salt/fresh water stores so they lack variety. If you like to research and find the product that would work best for your situation chances are you're not going to find it.
Agree with the above. Some local stores will give you a discount off accessories if you buy the tank there. Just make sure you price it out at more than one place.

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Reef supplies for sure. Great customer service,I emailed them about 10 times before placing my order and not once did they make me feel stupid or like I was wasting time. Very friendly and the site is up to date with pictures and prices. They also offer free shipping on orders over 149 I believe.
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Thanks all, I have been doing some looking around and managed to pick up a tank from a site called AngelFins. Hadn't heard of it before but they had a decent sale on tanks on Black Friday and shipping wasn't bad. I'm going real small with this tank and picked up a 3 gallon bookshelf tank, measurements are 18" x 5.5" x 7", which should make for a really cool layout. I also picked an Asta 20 LED light which seems to be pretty popular over on

I will be picking up a couple of pounds of rock next week so that I can start playing with some rock formations but I think I have the layout already planned out in my head.

I'm still looking into what I want to do for a heater, ATO, Cabinet and whether or not I want to go with a HOB filter or just go heavy on the water changes. I'm trying to keep the tank as clean and minimalist as possible.

Thanks again all for the advice, I will try and keep my progress updated but I am not in any rush to get it set up.
I’d look at something like an ink bird to make sure if the heater malfunctions. The tank doesn’t boil.
For such a small tank of you have a old canister filter. Might be a good way to keep it relatively clean and add extra water volume.

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