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Emergency Help with Lights
Hi Everyone,

I've got a problem and need help. My ATI 8-bulb fixture just bit the dust and I need something new asap. Of course this happens after black Friday.

This morning I was downstairs when the lights were suppose to turn on and I heard a pop and then the smell of burning electronics. 2 of the 4 ballasts in my fixture are toast. The problem is that these are the 3rd and 4th ballasts that have gone this year. ATI told me last time they couldn't provide any more ballasts. I've had the ballast for 2 years and have had nothing but trouble with it. I'll run 4 bulbs for the time being but I'll need full power soon. The tank is a 180 mixed reef and used to the output of the 8 bub fixture.

I'm thinking about LEDs. But have a limited budget due to the time of year. Been looking at the Mars Aqua 110W LED and I figure I need 3 of them for that tank. Any advice or reviews on that?

Otherwise does anyone have something to sell me?
Is the fun working for the fixture? I have to wonder if it is a heating issue. That seems extreme.
Usually those fixtures are rock solid.

How many hours a day are you running them?

If you are looking for a cheap option the MARS led or similar are a good solution.

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(30-Nov-2019, 02:53 PM)DavidLong Wrote: Is the fun working for the fixture? I have to wonder if it is a heating issue. That seems extreme

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Yes, I've walked through the setup with ATI themselves, twice now, and they have no idea why it would be happening to me. I have a 2 x 100 CFM bathroom fans moving heat out and the tank is in my basement. The ambient temperature is always less than 24C and the fans have been working since day one. This morning the temperature int he tank room was 19C (I checked to make sure). I've got more than enough clearance around the fixture and tons of air flow so it's a mystery. I've got it running through an Neptune Apex so it's surge protected as well.

Regardless whatever I am doing is bad for the ballasts they use.
If you bring me the fixture here at the shop I will see if I can get it working
Ballast are still available through ReefSupplies as well:

can get different wattages too.

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