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coral help

.txt   ATT00001.txt (Size: 23 bytes / Downloads: 7)
.txt   ATT00001.txt (Size: 23 bytes / Downloads: 7) can someone tell me what this frag is and where in the tank it might be happy
There is no photo lol
Can anyone tell me what coral this is and maybe where it would be happy in the tank.  attachment=1747]    
Look like zoas. As long as its open it is happy
Might be blastomussa merletti or micromussa. Hard to tell from the pic though
Looks like zoa's but it also looks like it encrusts so maybe some type of Cyphastrea.
Any pictures of it closed up? Does it have a hard skeleton?

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If it stays open like it is leave it be.

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The pic is pretty close up, looks too small to be zoas, no real color to it just sort of brown, does now glow or really show under the blue light. this is as open as it has been very small heads/flowers. at night just looks like a rock. i will try to get a pic of it closed
Where did you get the Coral from? Maybe ask the person who sold it to you lol

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