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Anyone running apex cor pumps or Trident locally?
Just in the process of getting ready to order some tank upgrades and looking to get some local feedback if anyone has any experience with the following products.

Cor15/20 pumps
My current mag 9 has been running for 5-6 years now I think, it was my spare but my previous one died after about 5 years so I figure it's time to replace before I get stranded.

I was holding off for vectra's in the hope apex support materialize (I love my mp40s with the wxm) but it seems that not going to happen.

Those that have them how are they holding out, any issues?

I've seen comments regarding having to clean them every 3 months to avoid current draw faults?

How did the flow rate work out for you? I'm thinking a cor15 should be adequate to match the flow rate of my mag 9 any thoughts.

Second thing is the Trident

Been watching this and the reefbot over the last year. I really liked the approach of the reefbot, being able to automate nitrate and phosphate tests would be nice. But reviews online seem to be all over the place, in particular issues with Calcium and Alkalinity test accuracy (though nitrate and phosphate test people don't seem to have issues with). Trident seems to be fairing better plus I'm going to pick up a DOS either way.

Anyone here running one got any feedback?
I run the COR15 in a the 250 and a COR20 in the Waterbox. Unfortunately, neither have been in use long enough to offer any insight. Not even a year in either as yet. So far they are doing well.

I have a the Trident running on the 450 long enough to be on the second box of reagents. I have not cross-checked it for accuracy as yet. It seems fairly consistent between measurements. The only real bitch I have with it is that you cannot schedule less than four tests a day. You can take it off schedule and and do manual tests any time you like. The cost of the reagent is pretty decent. Even with four tests a day, it seems to be slightly cheaper than the other test kits I have used.

I just added a DOS last night and have them linked together. You set the target level in the APEX and it is supposed to control the amount of dosing required to maintain that. I will give it a couple of weeks to see how that works.
Thanks for the reply Doug, with the Cors are you running them both at 100%?
(02-Dec-2019, 08:17 PM)Daveuk Wrote: Thanks for the reply Doug, with the Cors are you running them both at 100%?
Not even close, maybe 25%. I could probably increase that but I haven't really needed it.
Thanks that's what I was hoping to hear, I will get a 15 then as I think that will be more than enough for me.

I am running a COR20 on my tank 165 g and am getting about 600 GPH though my 2 X 1" drains according to my FMK, and still can open one of the drains a bit more. I also have a "T" that runs my Carbon reacton, carbon doser and algae reactor. It has been running at 100% since I started the tank. Zero maintenance completed so far.
I have been running the trident for a couple weeks and now have my CO2 doser set up so it turns off if my ALK test goes above 8. did a couple check with my Hanna and seems to compare fine. Cor15 should work and if you have the New APEX to run if off the 24V Power supply would be so nice to remove the extra power supply.

Send me a txt if you have any questions.
Thanks for the info, just bite the bullet and got both.

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