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stocking fish
Just wondering if this looks like a good list for the tank.

6 foot 125 reef, 40 gallon sump

2 clowns occ
2 bangaii cards
1 bi-color blenny
1 sleeper goby
1 6 line wrasse
1 blue hippo
1 powder brown tang
1 royal gramma
1 wrasse (carpenter or fairy)
1 flame angel
maybe a copperband or blue throat trigger

too much? any compatibility issues? any room for more? any suggestions?
slow and steady is best, less is best to start, and then gradually increase the bioload. but nice list!
It really depends how quickly you add the fish and how your system deals with the bioload and how much maintenance you want to do.
Start with the less aggressive fish first. Save the tangs and 6 line wrasse for the very last. My gramma was a bugger too.

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gramma and blenny is a risk, gramma's are nasty especially to blenny style fish.

Flame and copperband are a risk if you want LPS/SPS corals or Clams. Some will swear by that theirs never touches coral, but its always a risk.
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