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battle wounds or parasite???
let’s start this off by saying it’s not ick so let’s stop that before it begins — tank is almost 3 years old and this hippo tang has been there for 2 plus years. i caught him last night and did a 6 min fresh water dip with no signs of change in the fish or nothing floating in the water i took pics before the Fw dip and after . the pictures are very clear and have me stumped so in qt for him but not sure the next plan of attack for treatment ?? any ideas just rock rubbing battle wounds or a parasite of some kind of so what and how to treat ?[Image: 47d49e161ffa1cd72618ba32a27fe5f9.jpg][Image: 568ee1f08593978e78db5fd08fd51173.jpg][Image: 828a1a57482aa98c137d26723c7672c3.jpg][Image: 7e13e7e5454c06eede048ccec7a4a2fe.jpg]

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Do you have an anemone?
yes i do

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that might be your answer right there. I've had fish stung by hammers and torches before. Not uncommon. If the fish isn't acting odd, or displaying parasitic characteristics I would think you are fine.
Yeah, I'd just level it alone to heal up
To me it looks like flukes if it's not anemone marks. But when you dipped him in Freshwater, you will see them in the bag or container. They look like flatworms but transparent. Looks like he has one on the eye. Flukes will attack the eye and he would loose his eye.

If you do have flukes, the only to kill them is freshwater dipping or hypo. Prazi Pro will do it also, but not sure if it's still illegal in Canada to get.

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