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Custom acrylic
Does anyone know a company in the maritimes that does custom acrylic work? I'm building a log cabin and I want a custom built 360 acrylic tank built like a pillar in the center of the living space. I know it will be expensive but its beyond my skill with acrylic work taking this project on. Also does anybody have any suggestions for the build? My big concerns are integrating recessed lighting, filtration and access for aquascaping. I was thinking 5x5x8 LxWxH. Any ideas/tips for this build (esp what lighting to use) would be appreciated!
I’m no help on the acrylic work but what are you planning on stocking? I assume getting light to penetrate down that far is going to be an issue.

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I build a lot of bigger tanks but that’s a bit beyond my skill level. I could build it 5ftx5ft no problem but not 4’ tall. The tallest I could go would be 30”. If that interest you let me know

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