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Unwanted Zoa's
How do I get rid of some unwanted zoa's?  I've tried scraping them off and they turn to mush and make everything in the tank close up. I've tried cutting the heads off the polyps 1 by 1 but they float around the tank and eventually start growing in a new spot.

The rocks cannot be removed.
Kalkwasser slurry right in the polyp will kill them, slow process.
Was worried that was the solution. 20g tank so it's a little hard to introduce a lot of kalk at once.
Can you pull the rock out can continue to cut them off so they don’t spread. If not cover them completely with something. Might kill them off.

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Covering them with another rock will slow them down and eventually kill them off. But that obviously depends on the logistics of where they're growing
I've had them covered for 3 weeks with some reef welder plastic epoxy and they just keep growing. They have spread to places that are pretty impossible to cover.

Tried the Kalk on a small patch of 15-20 polpys tonight so will see how that goes. They've let off the same mushy brown substance they did when I attempted to scrape them off the rocks causing all the corals to close up again.

These things are unstopable, they grow right over my Sps/chalices.
Get a hypodermic needle from the pharmacy . Fill it with vinegar and inject it into the polyps. They’ll be gone in a couple days.

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This didn't work out at all, the dying polpys have let something go into the water and nuked the tank. The last time I tried to scrape them off this happened as well and almost lost everything. Must be something to do with the type of zoa/paly they are because they just melt everything.
Looks like your only option may be to dismantle the rock work and pull the rocks with problematic polyps.
They might be the type that have palytoxin, so I'd be careful around them either way.

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