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Friday jan 10th shipment - 10 boxes
10 boxes of goodies arriving tomorrow ( Friday)
harlequin shrimps
pyramid butterflys
starry blennies
leopard combtooth blenny
blue star leopard wrasses
aiptasia eating filefish
yellow clown goby (Okinawa)
wheeleri goby
dragon gobies
radiant wrasses
exquisite wrasses
arrow crabs
tiger pistol shrimps
fire shrimps
gold cave shrimp ( new discovered species)
basket star
yellow cucumbers
longspine urchins
sebae anemones
long tentacle sebae anemones
Heteractis crispas anemones
halimeda rooted
deadmans fingers
harlequin stars
green and white harlequin star
scopas tangs
orange stripe bristletooth tangs
black cap jawfish
powder blue tangs
volitan lionfish
and more..

ultra pink and red lobos
ultra pink and green blue centre lobos
ultra rainbow trachyphyllias
ultra red trachyphyllias
green birdnests
pink birdsnests
electric lemonade anacroporas
assorted designer zoas
and more...

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  • Mermaid
At what time
We are open 12-7 tomorrow, it will be there by then
Living Reef Wrote:We are open 12-7 tomorrow, it will be there by then
great see yas tomorrow

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