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Going to attempt to kill my bryopsis
(29-Sep-2020, 07:08 PM)Wilson Wrote:
(29-Sep-2020, 03:22 PM)Johnny K Wrote: I have been battling the GHA for awhile now, orders some on ebay to give it a shot. Might be here by mid Nov.

While these chemicals do work for sure, they may lead to other issues once you kill off all the GHA. I.e. have some kind of plan to kill the route issue (excess nutrients) before you nuke your tank with chemicals. Get a refugium going, or GFO, etc.
The stuff might just sit on my shelf beside the flatworm exit that I didn't use. My sump has a refugium, I changed the light a month ago to a viper growling off Amazon. My chaeto hasn't completed died off but the hair algae in the refugium is doing great. Refugium has been running since May when I was able find some chaeto. I did water tests today.

Phosphate 0.03
Nitrate 0 Api, 2 Red Sea
Ph 7.6 Red Sea
Alkalinity 6.5 Red Sea
Cal 475 Salifert
Mg 1410 Aquaforest

Salinity 1.026
Temp 24.5-24.8 inkbird wifi

I have a dosing pump, just haven't needed it yet. It seems that alk is now depleting so time to set it up. Originally the calcium and magnesium were very high, waterchanges and change in salt brands seems to have sorted that problem.

Question #1 would be what should I keep my alk at. I think I will slowly raise it towards 9dkh.

Question #2 would be as i increase alk will my ph also come up. I think it will.

Question #3 all but one of my coral look fine, not extremely happy but fine. The rainbow goniporia polyps are bearly out. Hopefully this will be resolved with higher alk/ph.

Oh back to the algae. I am winning the fight. Water quality seems good and furing my last waterchange I removed a good amount that has not returned with the normal vengeance. I did notice red cyano last week. Now that the tank is clean and parameters checked I dosed chemi clean.

I have water ready for the change at the end of treatment. Thanks to a new/used rodi, game changer for me. [Image: 2d1f130af7559f57fdc4efcf992e17d2.jpg]

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I picked up aquaforest 123+. Almost have my alk up to 9 will start dosing this program soon.

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My flux rx came and I dosed my system on Monday. From what I watched you leave the hair algae and let it take in the product. The long ends are turning gray and starting to be torn out. I saw no change first two days. Hope it works. Also noticed one of my two cleaner shrimp was hiding. Caught it out tonight, loaded with eggs. Might be my first spawn. Also added another micro bristle star. Must be 8-10 i have added to my DT. It would be great if they thrive.

I also got the glass for my sump for my frag tanks. Need a magic eraser to clean it before I add the baffles.

I placed an order with BRS, they had an appreciation sale. I missed out on the used aquatic life smart buddie, got the rodi thought. So I ordered a new one and a few other items I have not seen available. It took me four days to decide if it made sense to place an order. Not sure that it did. Maybe there will be something extra in the box.

One thing I am looking for is a cheap source for the vinyl hose. I might need 200 ft to pump the water from the garage to the basement. Any hose I have found is 50 ft at the most and cheapest was 36 cents a foot. I am thinking 1/2-5/8 I'd. [Image: 4447e2ebc28e7ae457893a856bc8cc9b.jpg]

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Ten days into the flux rx and its not a win but its better than it was. Cleaned my 407 canister, over flow filter and filter sock. Also checked the chemistry. I have been lucky at holding a steady alk 8.7-8.8 for a good week now. 
Dosing Aquaforest 123+ 12 ml / day in 1ml x 12. 
Ca 460 
Mg is a bit high at 1550. 
PH 8.2 
Nitrate 20 
Just noticed I did not check phosphate

btw love the hanna alk test, so much simpler than the red sea I was using

My frag tank build is progressing, Next will be plumbing while the silicon cures in the sump. Plan is to shut off the tanks and fill them once they are plumbed so I can make more water. Once the silicon in the sump has cured I can drop the water down and run the system up. 

Looking for a few of the smart power bars that Costco had in during the summer. I like them and used them on my DT.

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