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My temporary 125
Well I’m officially back! Went yesterday and picked up a fully stocked 125. I bought this mainly for the tangs that came with it to stock the 375. There’s a hippo, yellow, orange shoulder, yellow eye Kole and sailfin tang that came with it. So nearly all the tangs I wanted except for a sohal which living reef has for me. There’s also a coral beauty, pair of clowns and a few damsels in the livestock. Not much for coral but the rock has been alive for a number of years. So... step one complete! Now to get the new home for these babies done. Here’s a pic I took shortly after set up. I love laying in bed watching the fish. The noise of the skimmer puts me right to sleep too lol. [Image: db2933558c0a8ccc6929a49b1c80c66b.jpg]

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Very nice, lots of rocks for the big tank

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Nice group tangs  they are great fish I am trying to find a Kole tang  for my 75 .

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