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engineer goby
wondering if anyone has kept an engineer goby, wanted and eel but have a reef and worried about fish and cuc becoming snacks, from the reading i've done the engineer goby has the look and effect without the drawbacks. Just wondering if anyone ahs kept in reef and how it went.
I’ve had one for a year now he’s pretty big and he’s the most annoying little asshole I’ve ever had lol,he ate most of my clean up crew and shrimp but he hasn’t touched anymore lately. The only thing i really hate about him is that he digs so much my rock falls which is very annoying. Good thing he’s cute.

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i had a great one, he was about 9 inches when he passed away but be prepared that they burrow and move alot of sand around. so make sure your rock is secure and they can cloud the water up if you have sand, as they do make tunnels all over the tank. But awesome fish.
Like this guy? If you don't mind waking up to a new sand bed every morning, go for it. It moves a lot of sand. A lot! If it would only, on occasion, move it from the front and sides to the back. ANd it will bury anything on the sand bed...frags, elegance, anything.

I haven't had an issue with it eating anything but it mostly hangs out in the back so, if it was, I probably wouldn't notice anyway.

It's a couple years old now and probably near a foot long. Absolutely the most fun to watch, especially when he backs up.
What size tank do you have them in and what do you feed them?
I have a small zebra eel. About 10-11" long and the size of your finger. Doesnt bother fish or inverts. I feed it frozen krill and small pieces of shrimp. Doesnt like freeze dried food

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