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Designer Zoa Frags
I have quite a few zoa colonies that have taken off and I’ve began fragging. 

Currently, I have a couple single head frags of Sunny D, Purple Monster, and Rainbow Incinerator’s already fragged up and on hand, but I can frag more as requested. I also have approximately 15+ Species of Zoa colonies in my tank currently that can be fragged from. Text for more pictures or questions at 902-471-0083. 

Single head frags between $15-30 depending on variant. Can do deals on 2-3 head frags. 

Off the top of my head I have; 

Radioactive Green Palys 
Green Dragons Eye 
Jungle juice 
Utter Chaos 
Sunny D
Purple Monster 
Rainbow Incinerators 

[Image: 018a709d847c0ef972dc62304a775626.jpg]
[Image: a6190ebe9d79d472980ad5d360d5e985.jpg]
[Image: cb15f23a7291726f4a40a0ab31df034b.jpg]
[Image: faadad4482a782a24260e8f35579f50e.jpg]
[Image: 16e908bb59c2fa3cd0dc8e71e1b4bd61.jpg]
[Image: dec62c9a9ab5df746ef4de785462e92a.jpg]
[Image: 982afc8c47e8c537b38b43f6236f7b85.jpg]
Lots of frags still available.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to upload pictures from my phone to the forums as it always declines them from sizing issues. Text to contact, 902-471-0083
It’s best to use Tapatalk to upload pics.
(21-Jul-2020, 07:02 AM)Cabinetman Wrote: It’s best to use Tapatalk to upload pics.

Worked like a charm! I tried to figure that out on my own for the better part of a couple days lol.

Finally got pictures posted!

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