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Sold Clean Chaeto Portions

I have balls of clean chaeto available, grown in a separate system that has never had fish, inverts, live rock, sand, or any other type of algae. Chaeto was started from Clean Chaeto purchased from Living Reef.
Grown under a Kessil A360X Refugium light, fed marine pellets and ChaetoGro by Brightwell. 

Have 6 baseball-sized portions,
$10 Each
If you want it all, $40 takes it. 

Near Elmsdale, NS

Pickup Only
I’d take it all if you were coming towards Truro
Sorry I just noticed you said pic up only. I’ll let you know if I’m going that way. Or if you change your mind and were coming towards Truro I’d litterally meet you at the exit in Brookfield pretty much any time
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All sold!
Thank you Smile

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