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Half cylinder tank set up for sale
Looking to part ways with our dining room tank after 3 years of enjoyment. It's not your typical tank as it's an acrylic half cylinder made by midwest custom aquariums. Its 100 gallons with overflow and what I believe is a 20 gallon acrylic sump. Included is the kessil a350w tunablue light. Heater return pump, Reef octopus skimmer and couple power heads. The stand is included too. I havent met anyone that wasnt impressed with the tank given its abnormal shape. We have throughly enjoyed it and I really hate to see it go but it's time. 

$1100, somewhat open to negotiations.

If anyone is interested in pictures I can provide them through txt. Or face book. 
19023892650 for txt. 
Terry Hill for facebook. 

Happy to answer any questions at all... ask away.

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