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Silicone concern
Just wanted to get opinions on this. I noticed a few days ago the silicone inside the tank was turning color. Only in a specific spot. But now it has started in another spot above it. I first was thinking this is algae growing under the silicone and was concerned about a leak. But I'm not so sure about that. The tank is less than a year old and the silicone is perfect everywhere else. There is no lifting of the silicone where the discoloration is. It's a tan/brown color. Any ideas what this is?
[Image: 8940c4a3730ce76479b0678cc6c26333.jpg]

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(01-Oct-2020, 12:58 PM)Flyguy Wrote: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

[Image: 2ee984de1c9ce679c7c71cdcfbc4ddae.jpg]

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Id probably contact the manufacturer.
I bought the tank used and have no proof of purchase so not sure I would get anywhere but perhaps.
More for informational, rather than anything like that. I cant say I've ever seen silicone chance color like that. My main concern would be what ever reaction is taking place could also make it lose some of it strength as well.
Good point. Thanks.
I’d be looking into it if it’s changing that fast
There is definitely some sort of reaction going on or even if it is algae growing, what ever it is it has to degrading the strength of the hold.
Even without Proof Of Purchase I’d still contact the manufacturer and see what they say.

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I’m thinking the silicone might be stained. It is tight to the glass and not lifting anywhere. I can’t wipe the colour off. I just thought of this. The other day I used some seachem clarity in the tank. It is the exact colour of the silicone. Hmmm maybe a small area of the silicone allowed for it to take hold and stain it.

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