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What is this nitrate reading?
Is something in your tank telling you the nitrates are too high? 20 is really nothing to worry about usually. I'd actually prefer mine stayed up around that.
Nope nothing is telling me nitrates are high at all. Everything in the tank seems pretty happy. I just thought with the low load I would see it trend down, as things get established.
I would just ride it out and watch, if it starts trending up, maybe cut back feeding. If its upward trending, there has to be a source. Nopox and chemicals like it are just bandaids on the issue.
3 months is still really new, I’m sure it will eventually settle out. If everything is happy just let it balance out on its own.

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I have that test kit, its annoying. I picked up an api to cross check it against. I also call over my kids to tell me what number. Their eyes are better.

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I just picked up the Hanna checker cause I hate the guessing.

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