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Looking to do some fragging this weekend on my zoas. Wondering if there is much interest.

Nothing has been fragged yet, but I can cut to order

Scrambled eggs
2-3 polyps $10 per frag
5-10 polyps $15 per frag
Also could cut large frags or willing to sell mother colonies

[Image: 937d147bd27d1859d9ab502ceafe83e3.jpg]

Blue Hornets
4 polyp frag for $30

[Image: 9e938c7a040c9e23c5552e9fa6da80c5.png]

Mandarin Oranges
3 polyp frags for $25
6 polyps for $40
[Image: 26fd80d4c77b88e8c1328ff36aa67276.png]

Ultra Kyptonite Candy Cane
this is the brightest green I've ever seen
1 head frag $25
2 head frag $40
3 head frag $50
Can also sell larger chunks - PM me if interested
[Image: 46950a5a27e0dc3b459c110954e71646.png]

Shoot me a PM if you are interested
Pmd you

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Interested in a frag of all of them. I am in Fall River but no problem going out.
Added Candy Canes
I picked up my Frags today, don't hesitate, good stuff!

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