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150G Zoa/Paly Tank
I just realized that I didn't have a tank thread on here since the site started up again.

I have now been in the hobby for about 4 years now and run mainly a Zoa/Paly tank with some Lps, gorgs, and softies. Sps coral don't like my high nutrient tank so I don't keep them. I had an Alk swing last fall and hurt a lot of my zoa collection but things are starting to fill out again thank god.

150G Glass aquarium with dual corner overflows and 35G sump. Custom built into wall of living room basement.

3 Aquaillumination Vegas
Neptune Apex System
150G rated protein skimmer
2 return pumps, and 2 DT pumps
Small media reactor for carbon, etc.
100GPD RODI unit

Sump: filter floss, 25L of Siporax Media and the large Marinepure Biofilter Media brick. Skimmer and media reactor.
14 Bacto Reef Balls every 2 weeks in a media bag.

Blue Hippo Tang
Naso Tang
Yellow Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Male & Female Green Mandarins
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Neon Purple Firefish
Tailspot Blenny
Pair of Domino Clownfish
Blue-Green Chromis
Cleaner Wrasse
Bengaii Cardinal

Inverts: hermits and snails of all types, brittle stars, peppermint shrimps, and a harlequin shrimp.

[Image: 1738ff718aa7ba358df6c1aacc5d04a3.jpg][Image: 3fec20e3ae988b8f96b75c5936914dfc.jpg]

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Thanks for posting Jason. Your tank looks amazing. All those zoas! It must look crazy under blues in person.
Very nice! Love all the zoas. How are you liking the AI lights?
Did some aquascaping today and took some photos under the blues with a orange gel lens clip over my iphone6s

[Image: 469f04d60132afda356eafc310b2c136.jpg]

[Image: 1dff72c4a2c15d66174686917bd5f9d0.jpg]
[Image: 1451b0f657af82bf35bb190ff3b886e0.jpg][Image: 300badd064b437ea9e1699667eb4ddaa.jpg]
[Image: 6edb880f1a163f8972e5a5a6b087be26.jpg]
[Image: 89964285c784675b5a49a0fd1a5dd564.jpg]

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Looks amazing man! Thanks for taking the time to share some pics. Once those grow out you're going to have one cool tank!
Jason that looks fantastic! I have to get one of those lenses. Where did you get that?
Ordered it off of amazon. I think 1fish2fish might have just the gel sheets without the lens
Some new additions from Crazy4Coral thanks @Don for the nice pieces and free frags!

[Image: 4c9c4fa4178a6a285dfcf43b17e306e5.jpg][Image: fd5b867c519bff349203c256196d597c.jpg][Image: 84911f8adaeb84e11eeb21b5068d888a.jpg][Image: da7f7d059aca6758421c1d480c503d13.jpg][Image: 31a5b9c1580b5b3aa54d8cb97da0e4ae.jpg][Image: a51089c97d6aea93fe122349ed5f216f.jpg]

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very nice pieces u got. kinda wanna do another order.
Looks like some nice healthy corals.

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