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new project - low tech Natural Sea Water reef
so under the cover of darkness, i became the new owner of a 66 Gallon tank, stand, sump, skimmer and T5 HO light system compliments of Reefer-Rick. was not really in the market for another tank but the price was right...  so it sat in my backyard for a little over a week until I decided what I was going to do. I decided to do a low-tech Natural Sea Water reef on the cheap. the tank is not drilled and the skimmer is a Redsea HOB unit so I am not going to run a sump, I already have 2 Jabao power heads, heaters and I got about 80 lbs of rock last year for free and already bleached, power washed and cooked.

tonight I got the stand fixed up. power washed the tank, removed the blue background, painted the back and bottom black. removed the old silicone in the corners and resealed it.

this week I hope to test and make sure it holds water, find a good spot for NSW collection, fill it up, add the live rock and start the cycle. I did not think to take any pics but will post some tomorrow. for now, this is the tank when Rick was shutting it down.
I love how you tell a story bill! Lol. Can't wait to see some pics and this come together
I never called the cops you were a sneaky little buggar lol good luck with the build
Very nice! Thats gonna be a great setup looking forward to pics.
[Image: ed5d1eb579adb1e45035e4d92d8c4401.jpg][Image: 219cf132a6b74116ba99e762dcff83f5.jpg][Image: ed620b7a8e62092048baeecc9db6d577.jpg][Image: d780e3a515cc31a0187b9976644348bd.jpg][Image: f669480cc20401ae067c3e41a9f11663.jpg][Image: 383cae1cf30eb437095c25f2e0ce7c61.jpg][Image: 64f8f383252af2a1c860165d21755c0d.jpg][Image: b42ae58de9207cd898785ad19a9d3e80.jpg][Image: 1d8b4a10d51533cae272dac15a8f46bb.jpg]

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Very nice! Thats gonna be a great setup
Looks dam good bill!
That looks awesome nice job!
Tank cleaned up great Bill. Looks pretty much brand new! Also see a lot of Mighty Small Cars bags. I spend a fair amount of scratch there too. It's fun supporting multiple expensive hobbies haha
Dude I know, the RCs have taken a back burner since getting into reefing. I bash too hard and tend to rack up $50-100 in repairs each outing.

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