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First Reef Tank
Currently building my first Saltwater tank, Decided to go with an AIO tank (JBJ 45 Rimless) for my first tank before I try something bigger. Stand is just a quick DIY plywood and 2x4 stand. 

Was looking for some advice, I've done about 60-70 hours of research/youtube video's trying to learn everything I can before setting this up but quickly grew impatient and started ordering things. 

Items I have right now or are already in the mail are - Tunze 9004 skimmer, JBJ ATO, 230 maxpect gyre, 20lbs special grade live caribsea sand, 50 lbs of dry Marco rock, Ocean revive t247 lights, 4 stage rodi unit, coral pro salt and a bunch of little things like an Accudrip, screen top, api test kits ect.

Couple of questions I was wondering is if anyone had any experience with marco rock and if so do they let off a lot of phosphate? and also in a tank this size would i be better off using a reactor with some phosphate GFO or going with something like a Santa Monica drop .6 or .6x algae scrubber instead? 

Was also wondering what's the best place in HRM to buy fish/invert/corals? i stopped by AFK the other day and the first coral I looked at had bubble algae growing on it. Would I be better off buying livestock online as well and if so what are the better Canadian sites I should check out?


[Image: 22046405_10156678250983082_3228793174448113860_n.jpg]
Pretty much all rock will let off phosphates but I consider it is part of the cycling process.
I prefer to go with natural filtration but everyone has an opinion.
I've never had an issue with the Livestock from AFK, they seem to have a descent quarantine process as well.

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Welcome to the site. There's a few places in hrm to buy fish and corals. Afk and 1fish 2fish in Dartmouth. I've some nice fish from 1fish and afk but 1 fish brings in way more cool stuff. All my crazy nice ones come from there but you need to qt them no matter where you get them. Afk always has nice corals but they ain't cheap. You've gotta watch yourself no matter where you get stuff. I used to be a huge fan of scrubbers and I'm really considering making another one. They are amazing if you get one working right. Looking forward to seeing your build! You should instal tapatalk to upload pics. It's by far the best
I guess I should have Welcomed you but I got distracted by the children. I Agree with Wayne!
The setup looks great.
There will be group orders posted on the Forum most live stock comes from Ontario and further west.
My favorite spots to order are :
Reef Supplies, QC for dry goods.
Canada corals, Ont
J&L Aquatics, BC
Fragbox, Ont
A few people have had great luck with Crazy4Corals,Ont
There is also Big Al's
Everyone has different experiences and I'm sure there is a few that I missed.
Happy Reef Keeping.
What are you planing to keep and livestock list?

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Looking at you ur location and username, I'd have to guess you might know lee. The hobby is a slow process but patience will reward you many times over. You've come to the right place, there's lots of experienced reefers on here willing to lend a hand and advice.

I've had great service from CanadaCoral in Ontario.
There's a few more that David didn't mention:

Big Show Frags, Ont. - expensive
Incredible Awuariums, London Ont. - very poor customer service but not bad prices for corals and fish
Raging Reef, Montreal QC. - Facebook page only right now, online website is being built butthey have amazing corals.
StrageReef - NB
Derek's Reef Shop - Moncton
Jungle Jims - Dartmouth - very small section
jungle jims-----( jungle pets) on main st Dartmouth but they closed out and are under a new name now...
What's the store like under the new owners?

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