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Looks like I didn't do an intro
The house has a good air exchange system. I have a dehumidifier in the room but have to set it below 30% for it to run the condenser. Currently battling high nitrate in the duel tank. I added the substrate i picked up off Rob. I didn't rinse it, just drained it. I peaked at 80 NO3, I did a 25 gal water change yesterday, and tested NO3 again today, its about 40, so coming down. I dosed some dr tims refresh, will dump in some renew next. I don't think the water change made the difference, its close to 200 gal system. I think the bacteria is doing the job. I added a second Kessil AP9X a few weeks back. And now currently killing off a few aptasia that I didn't know were growing in that tank.

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