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Negative Space Aquascaping
When I left the hobby 7 years ago, the idea of using dry rock to aquascape your tank would be ridiculed unmercifully.  Lol. Well times have changed and the hobby is getting more environmentally friendly.  I will be using eco friendly dry reef rock and doing a long long cycle.  I was even considering a ceramic structure until I looked up the price, then I stumbled upon this little video about building your own structures using dry Marco rock.  I will so be doing this in my garage this winter.  It’s a long video, so you can skim through.  These BRS guys produce some great videos.
I probably won’t watch this particular video but I have to agree with you about brs producing some great video content. The extent they go to test aspects of the hobby is just mind blowing. Totally love their channel on YouTube.
Check out wl_marine on instagram, they make some really cool bonsai artsy type aquascapes.
Thanks for sharing those are amazing

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