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3d print
Ya so that one also failed. Seems the micro SD card died(?) Anyways I'm trying again, 4 hrs in.[Image: 6be8b4a2e6e167d185d9191d746c54a5.jpg]

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Getting close now[Image: 66700cde67f7d3e35017a8c583444e13.jpg]

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The green abs messed up the printer pretty good. I replaced the entire print head last week and figured out the settings for PETG. I have been working on a insert to keep the chaeto out of my return pump. My first attempts were not thick enough and broke with a little pressure and teeth too short. The middle is a 3/4 loc line adapter, I haven't tried fitting it yet. The last is a controller housing. I worked on designing this for the coral box a100 ATO. It took several attempts to get it right. Yesterday I found a similar design on humble fish. It was labeled as a Jeboa ATO. [Image: f2008748abd48127542913c18b491f1a.jpg]

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