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Old Skimmer
My current tank came with a 10 year old Reef Octopus XP 1000 SSS skimmer. I was going to replace it with a new one for no reason other than to just have a new skimmer. I was thinking it's older, looks well used and it's probably on its way out soon. But instead of buying new, I took the skimmer out and gave it a pretty good cleaning and put it back in the sump. I gotta say this skimmer works awesome! The pump is quiet, and somewhat looks newish again. Don't give up on those older skimmers that are well built!

[Image: 9960fa9d2e206e350492ad07219e7c90.jpg]
I have a ASM G3 skimmer
Looks great Dave

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Looks great. I bought an old swc one for my tank for 100 bucks. I had to buy 2 new pumps which cost me $350 but it skims like no other skimmer I’ve ever had. Even the $1500 reef octopus I had on it before. Sometimes older is better. Kinda like the whole lighting thing. The further back you go the better it was Wink

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