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Free shipping from GTA Reef on this order! Join in!
Hey everyone! Today is the last day to get in an order!
The package will be shipping out Monday via West Jet.
I'll update with the arrival time when it is available, and anyone who wants to meet at the airport is welcome to!

I'll also arrange a meet in Elmsdale at Tim Hortons on Monday, or Tuesday, depending on when the package arrives.

I may not be able to get if comes Monday night as I’m away with appointments but could pickup tues afternoon or evening no problem .... can some housefor me til than?.... hopefully will come in tues

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Hey everyone!
Looks like the package will be shipping tomorrow instead of Monday. I should have the package early afternoon and will update everyone as soon as it lands!
Any last orders, you have 2 hours to submit!!!
This group order has concluded!

Hope everyone is happy!!! Feel free to post up your frag pics here once they settle in!!!

Will do another order soon for anyone interested. Smile
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Here are the corals I picked up on this order!        

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Very happy with mine as well. I couldn’t get pictures of them all, but here are a few. They are all doing very well.
[Image: e45d65a0e3835290fcabf97d054a66fa.jpg]
[Image: 46f0f42d0013e5be000f89fac82d33f5.jpg]
[Image: f85a7d90cdaf6f8915ea42a809938c98.jpg]

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